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About Us

Hi I'm Jocelyn. I'm glad you're here!

Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s a fact about me that might just come as a surprise to you. While I’ve been working in the corporate sector for the most part of my career, I have been part of the gig economy since 2008. I help entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations grow their business on both sides of the (business) coin. One is by teaching how to start a virtual assistant business and the other is by helping entrepreneurs manage their business by creating systems and processes that frees up their time, allowing them to focus on business matters that only THEY can perform.

I love this because it allows me to learn and share. When I learn an easier way of how to do things with my clients, I have a platform to teach it as a coach. When I’ve helped aspiring VAs figure out a way to regain control over a multitude of tasks, I am able to share a proven way to systematize my client’s business. It’s a WIN-WIN!

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to set up shop in half the time and get your life back! Over the years, I’ve connected with entrepreneurs and like-minded people who have helped shape the way I run my gig. And as a way to pay-it-forward, I am sharing my playbook with you: tools and resources that will help you get started and set up the nuts-and-bolts of your business and generate revenue. Whether you are just getting started, feeling a bit stuck or ready to bring your business to the next level, I know that these tools will help you as it continues to help me.

I’d ask you to trust me on this … but hey! I’d rather you decide for yourself. If you’re seriously ready to bring your vision to reality, I am here for you.

Stay fabulous!