Your Fab VA

Are you in need of a FRACTIONAL COO?

Are you a business owner finding a way to pivot in the new normal? I can show you how to plan for nimble growth, organizing systems and processes without the overwhelm.

Are you ready to embrace remote work? Did you lose your job as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic? I can teach you how to set-up shop and finally start working for yourself.

Often, it’s helpful to have someone help you look deeper. If you could use some extra support, I am here!



You provide me with your yuck-bucket. What tasks are necessary however time-consuming or just not right-up-your-alley? You will help me understand the current state of your organization. We'll then look closely at your strategies, growth & scale objectives and how to deliver customer satisfaction.


I'll map out a strategy that will help you achieve your new goals, keeping risks and customer satisfaction in mind. We then agree on tasks and timelines that will allow you to measure success. This includes a detailed list on how to communicate the goals and strategies to your team, onboarding and implementation.


We then look at the results after implementation and refine as needed, tracking performance data, analyzing the effectiveness of the processes and optimizing your strategies for further improvement. Together, we will make sure everything is aligne


Are you ready to be your own boss?

Have you considered working for yourself? Has the recent pandemic affected your income? If you are an aspiring virtual assistant, I can teach you how to start your virtual assistant business and shift from an employee to a work-from-home entrepreneur. Remote work is the way to go! Ask me about my on-demand training, coaching and outsourcing opportunities.

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